What Mother's Day Means To Me

Now more than ever, it's important that we embrace and empower today's "blended" family dynamics, which includes birth moms, adopted moms, step-moms, bonus moms, fur-moms, friends moms, man-moms, and more. It takes more than a small army, especially these days, it takes a #strongmomarmy.

As I continue my #gratitude practice, it is incredibly important that we take time out of our days to give #thanks to those that have created lasting memories and #momentsthatmatter within each of us.

Do you have a list of people that have served as that "mom" figure in your life that you want to thank? Comment below and tell me your story for a chance to win a "#momrocks gift pack on me.”

Mom Army - 9 Strong & Growing

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought what better way to kick off my blogging experience than now! Departing a single, corporate fast-track life abruptly, then within only a few months time, dove head-first into all things #parenthood which consisted of soon to be 2 kids, 2 dogs, a life partner, merging two houses, and me, the never been around kids like EVER kind. One big happy family right? Sure, if you're the type that doesn't look down upon those that aren't married but have kids. Or the type of people that know how to keep your confidence high, when stereotypes and ignorance surrounds and tries to smother you. Because at the end of the day, I am blessed not only with my own beautiful son, but also with an adorable "bonus son" whom I feel honored that his mommy trusts and knows he is loved as my own.

You see, some people may consider my past to have been one filled with pain due to a "broken" family dynamic. I grew up with one of the most complex family tree's. I understood at a young age, having to split weekends between parents and grandparents, getting bounced from house to house during holidays, but also had the opportunity to live in different states, where we would spend the school year with my mom, and the summers with my dad. Since we didn't have the money to fly back and forth, we got to truly master the art of the "roadtrip". And we had it down to a science. It was an unforgettable adventure - isn't that the magic of childhood?

I can't recall one time where I ever questioned how much I was loved, how important I was, and how lucky I had been to get to explore the Midwest with my own eyes, creating memories that will last a lifetime, My family always made sure we stayed in touch with one another, regardless of distance (and we didn't have cell phones or video chat back then). You see, I don't define my past as "broken" in the least. My past not only has helped to define the person I am today, but also instilled #love and #empathy into who/what I am meant to be now, an open-minded, caring, loving, never going to be perfect mom, step-mom, bonus mom, fur-mom, friends-mom, tech-mom, and more. #brokenisthenewbeautiful #powerofpositive

I couldn't be more #thankful, for a very specific 9 women, that have been there, in some way shape or form for me, that I feel are deserving on this, and those upcoming, Mother's Day's. #HMD2019

If you fall into any "mom" category, I invite you to give thanks and gratitude to those that matter to you most. It's amazing what gratitude can do, and you have that choice and power -- just light the flame and watch it spread like wildfire!



Catch me on Mother's Day via FB Live to find out which 9 women are apart of my #strongmomarmy!!! I promise you won't want to miss it! :)

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