MAKE-up Mondays

I have a whole host of ideas about what I am going to blog about, but today's is focused on "MAKE MON-AY!"

Everyone has their hustle and various ways to make money. I went from a Corporate Fast-Track Entrepreneur, to a Sometimes Smiling Side Hustler, in what seems to have been overnight. Funny how those moments that seem like they are the end of the world (like getting fired from a job, when all you really wanted to do was just make a difference, get my job done, and get it done the best way you knew how), really prove to be the essence of true growth on a personal, professional, and spiritual level. (No, I'm not touting any religious plug - everyone believes something - believer or non-believer)

I will be honest when I say, I could attribute my anxiety, depression, ADHD, social awkwardness, hermit habits, lack of financial planning or budgeting, the people I was involved with, and much more, on a number of things from my past...but the reality is, all of this is a CHOICE.

We are given one life and it's ours to choose what we do it with.

I can't even begin to tell you how hard my journey has been (not comparing to others - so please respect my worst of worst is just that, mine). But, what I can tell you, is I had an epiphany today. Perhaps it was brought on by the massive amount of tea-based drinks I consumed today while starting my new job, but hey, the light bulb went off - finally.

I realized today that I've blown through more jobs in the last 3 years, than most people half my age will in their entire lifetime. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I can assure you, it's damn near close. It's seemingly become a game, "how quickly can tab lose a job?" I can't decide which should get the gold, its a toss up between within the first week, or being offered a job and then being told "no thanks" before my shift even started.

My light bulb moment was clear, I never learned how to embrace my personal change. What I was doesn't matter. What I become is what I will be remembered by.

Toodles for now.


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