Defining A True Bad-A$$

Do you ever meet those people that you're constantly in awe at their drive, their determination, their strength, their perspective, and their sheer ability to just be a freaking #badass?

Those people that just make sh*t happen, that don't just drive toward their dreams, they run those motherfrickers over and over, until their next opportunity arises. They bulldoze barriers, and build-out multiple paths to achieve the desired end goal.

The people that dream big, yet live small, maintaining their values and morals, and bring them forward in the work they continuously do professionally, personally, emotionally, and inspiration-ally...

Yeah, these are my kinda people..and I've been fortunate enough to have one of them as my little brother (whom is not so little being that he is almost 35 years old - but still has gray hair before me lol) my whole life. #badassbro - Meet Nick, aka The BadA$$.

You see, my brother isn't your average, ordinary brother. He's MY brother, which makes him categorically a bad ass from the start LOL J/K...But really, this is a kid (brother aside) that has endured what many kids couldn't fathom, a kid that overcame adversity and self avoidance, a child that was creative, a dreamer, an artist, that others, at times, didn't find his vision to be achievable. A kid brother who gave up his own time to sit with his sister in a hospital, to help her learn her colors again by painting a wood truck using watercolors. A friend that traveled great lengths to help tell others stories of their pain, creating awareness within communities that needed them most.

This wasn't just a kid that wanted to be a sketch artist, a Cubs baseball player, a Ninja Turtle, a BMX rider, a professional trail rider, a commercial and film editor, a photographer, a director of photography/cinematographer, or maybe even a movie director, regardless, this is a driven man that has literally almost lost his life for being the good person he is, always willing to help people in need.

Although he may not have directly became each of those things, he's created and used those passions to create something far broader and bigger than any of those things combined. Little did he know that all his dreams, his visions, were all within reach and right at his very fingertips. It wasn't until he finally saw himself, his capabilities, and embraced them fully, that he realized who he was - a true #momentmaker.

Of all the great things he would be responsible for over the years, beyond being a #badassbro, #baddassboyfriend #badassson, he's paved a really, really #badass path for himself, where bringing others dreams and visions to reality is possible, capturing those very #momentsthatmatter for the world to share and see.

Join me Wednesday, June 5th at 9PM EDT/8PM CST, as I interview my brother Nick S @everypedal, via FB Live, to talk about what it's like in the day and life of this busy man's world, and also talk about some of the cool stuff he, and his other half, have planned beginning in July! I promise, you won't want to miss it!

I'd love to hear from you about those #badasses in your lives - comment below, or post a pic on your social media using #badass and tag me @todaystab for a chance to win a rad prize!!

P.S. - Want to get to know Nick a bit better? Click here to see why he's this month's #momentmaker!



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