Calling All Coffee <3'ers

Doesn't it just seem that in today's fast paced, everyone wants and needs everything yesterday world, that one of the many things the Universe has continued to graciously provide to us..the accessibility to what most would consider to be a household must-have and fav.

We're talking about the stuff most people can't seem to live without...It comes in cups, mugs, even jugs - but regardless of the consumption quantity, even the tall, venti, and grande cup confusion - there always seems to be an abundance of this ever so popular drink, literally found on every street corner globally.

It takes me back to 1996 (don't hate, I was still kinda young - but when an ad jingle hits, it sticks). I was the ripe old age of 14 and to this day, the 1 thing I think about when hearing this ever popular word is "The Best Part of Waking Up..Is Folgers In Your Cup!" (Click here if you want to walk down memory lane) **disclaimer alert - I do not own rights to this song or video**

Coffee my friends, Coffee.

Even saying the word coffee, I am immediately reminded of my younger years while still living at my mom and dads houses, where every morning included the fragrant smell of whatever coffee brand had the biggest can on sale that week. Sometimes, I'd even be pleasantly greeted with a very aromatic burnt smell - the kind that would linger for the duration of the day.

Alas, coffee lovers, goers, drinkers, pretenders, promoters, sometimers, and even those who gave it up'ers - there's one thing we can all agree on..there's something about the people, the participation, and places, that has taken the "best part of waking up" out of the slippers and robe wearing happy homes 90's advertising model, and transitioned it into a popular, on-demand product, available to communities that are more interested in an experience, than the coffee itself. Even I, at times, can't resist it. (especially when they make the cool designs with the froth - #seattle knows what I am talking about)

Earlier this week I posted on my Facebook page, asking who my coffee lovers were, because I had something I wanted to share with them, in exchange for 1 thing...honest input. (Don't worry for those of you that responded - you'll have it next week)

You see, I'm not a huge coffee drinker anymore, I rarely even drink energy drinks (I know its hard to fathom - the blue #monster was my jam), so I feel that my perspective when speaking about coffee related products, doesn't really have significant value to someone that might be interested in giving a new, or a few coffee products a chance.

This is where the honest input from you all comes into play - I'm all about people, passion, purpose, and giving credit where credit is due. I want to give, and be able to share, objective perspective and honest feedback so that people can make informed decisions on whether or not to cheat on their coveted local corner coffee shop - or opt into trying something that just might take your sipping experience to a much happier, easier, healthier, and cheaper, next level.

I want to hear from you!! First 3 people to respond will get a #sippinsample on me!

Drop a comment below, or via my FB, and tell me what 3 words (or emojis) would you use to describe your coffee sippin experiences!

If you want to give it a "shot" (extra espresso please) - comment below!



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